The Open-pNFS Leaders

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Welcome to the largest pNFS community of industry leaders that support the development and adoption of the pNFS standard

The mission of We are a community of industry leaders supporting the development and enterprise adoption of the parallel NFS standard by highlighting the use cases and advantages of the technology. Our focus is the education of end-users to use pNFS as a fundamental technology for their data intensive, highly virtualized infrastructures. We anticipate the PNFS ecosystem will expand to meet the needs of Big Data, virtualization and Cloud.

Benefits of pNFS:
• Removes traditional performance bottlenecks
• Reduces the total cost of ownership and maximizes the consolidation of storage
• Ensures interoperability among vendor solutions
• Allows choice when it comes to best of breed technology and solutions
• Eliminates the risks associated with deploying proprietary technology

"Parallel NFS promises to change the way companies manage their network storage. As it becomes widespread, it will give businesses cost-effective options for tiered data growth, business continuity, speed and flexibility in how resources are allocated, enabling them to better support unpredictable virtualized and cloud environments" said Terri McClure, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

Timing is everything: Open-pNFS promotes the development of the pNFS ecosystem including open source client and meta-data servers. And again, because of its near-term direct impact on so many parts of the storage industry, it’s paramount for us to begin a dialogue about pNFS before it becomes commonplace. Not after.